The Amazing Author Catalog Empowers Youth through Diverse Literature and Author Collaboration

As the founder and owner of The Amazing Author Catalog and Book Fairs, Tanerra Willis has demonstrated her commitment to fostering a love for literature and supporting underrepresented authors.

MIDDLETOWN, Del. - DelTimes -- Five-time self-published author Tanerra Willis takes a bold step forward in transforming the literary landscape with the launch of The Amazing Author Catalog, a groundbreaking platform designed to bring diverse books to schools, libraries, and youth-based organizations nationwide.

As the founder and owner of The Amazing Author Catalog and Book Fairs, Tanerra Willis is on a mission to make literature a powerful catalyst for youth success. Central to this mission is the recognition that positive self-imagery plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds. By offering a curated selection of books that reflect the diversity of experiences, cultures, and identities, The Amazing Author Catalog aims to instill a sense of pride and belonging in young readers.

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"We believe that positive representation is key to fostering a strong foundation for self-esteem, inspiring children to dream big, embrace their uniqueness, and ultimately succeed in all aspects of life," says Tanerra Willis.

In addition to addressing the critical need for diverse literature, Tanerra Willis founded The Amazing Author Catalog to support self-published authors who face challenges in marketing, promoting, and highlighting their literary works. Having personally experienced the struggles of being turned down by literary agents, bookstores, and larger catalogs, Tanerra sought to create a solution rather than succumb to adversity.

Instead of giving up or dwelling on setbacks, Tanerra Willis decided to create a platform that fills the void of limited diverse literature in local schools, libraries, and youth-based organizations. The Amazing Author Catalog collaborates with children's book authors across the country, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their unique works and connect with a broader audience.

The catalog, accessible via, serves as a gateway to a world of diverse and empowering stories. Tanerra Willis invites schools, libraries, and organizations to partner with The Amazing Author Catalog in promoting literacy, providing representation that reflects our diverse worlds and experiences, and supporting self-published authors.

For more information about The Amazing Author Catalog or to explore partnership opportunities, please visit or contact Tanerra Willis at

About Tanerra Willis:

Tanerra Willis is a five-time self-published author, entrepreneur, and advocate for diversity in literature. She also works as a certified RN at Nemours Children's Hospital for Children. As the founder and owner of The Amazing Author Catalog and Book Fairs, she is dedicated to bringing diverse books to schools, libraries, and youth/family-based organizations across the country. Tanerra is also the proud owner of Amazing Family Enterprises LLC DBA The Amazing Corner, a certified black-woman-owned business.

Tanerra Willis

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